For some time, I had been dissatisfied with the size of my very small kitchen. The obvious answer was to combine it with my rather dark breakfast room but, to my mind, would involve complications as they were on two different levels. It had also crossed my mind to knock down the side outside wall to my kitchen and include the small conservatory as well but, there again, that was on a different level.

Thinking of the future, it had occurred to me that a downstairs cloakroom located in the space occupied by the cupboard under the stairs would be a great advantage, but then, practically speaking, what would I do with the coats that are housed in the cupboard daily and the other bits that belong in that cupboard e.g. hoover and cleaning products?


Well, in March, I started looking at kitchen designs and decided to get some builders to give quotes. A friend I had approached had said that employing a designer wasn’t necessary, however, prompted by a friend to view another friend’s amazing recent kitchen conversion led me to find out the name of their visionary design – Igho.


I must admit it was a shock when I realised Igho was a woman - it just wasn’t what I was expecting but am I glad Igho designed my conversion!


From the first phone call I made, she acted promptly being fully aware of the extremely tight time frame I needed to work within. Igho came to my house to see the area, listened very carefully to my requirements and immediately got a feel for what I wanted to achieve.

She drew up plans and once I had agreed them steered the building project in the correct direction through the local council. During the course of the construction, she visited the property to monitor progress.


All I can say is that I now have a fantastic huge kitchen / living room which gets a response of ‘wow’ by everyone who sees it. It is truly amazing in terms of space and light. This is because the roof was raised to maximum level, there is a large window over the sink replacing the original back door and there are three large velux windows in the roof shedding light into the room as do the bi-fold doors which also allow a wide view of the garden. And not only that, I now have a good size cloakroom and an access cupboard for utility meters, hanging coats and cleaning equipment etc.

I can not recommend Igho too highly. The conversion she designed for me has resulted in a room I could never have expected!


Diane Berry MBE