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1. Can I start with the work right away if I don't need planning?
For peace of mind I recommend that you get a Certficate of Lawfulness for any work such as extensions or conversions that do not need planning permission. In order to get a certificate of lawfulness you will need a set of existing and proposed drawings etc which must be submitted to the council with a fee of £75. The council checks the drawings of what you intend to build and if they agree that you do not need planning permission they will issue you a certificate of lawfulness. This year alone I have had to submit several retrospective planning applications for clients that built without getting planning permission or a certificate of lawfulness. Building without planning permisison or lawful development is like refusing to pay £2.50 per hour for parking only to be landed with a £40 parking ticket.

2. How long does the process of getting planning permission take?
If it is a straightforward planning application it takes a minimum of 8- 10 weeks from submission to decision by the council. The design and production of drawings for planning permission can take as little as 1 week to 7 weeks it depends on the size of the project, timing and how quickly clients can make up their minds and get back to me with comments on the design options.

3. Have I used up my lawful development rights?
It is difficult to tell without seeing your project. Lawful developments rights are in most cases based on size. It is best to check with the duty planning officer from your local planning department.

4. Why is there a huge difference in fees?
On small projects usually charge on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is based on the going rate, overheads and experience. For best results, it is best to ask.

5. Do I need building control for my projects?
 Building Control deals with the following listed below. If your project involves any of the areas listed then yes you need building control. The long and short of it is that most projects need buidling control.
Part A - Structure Part B - Fire safety Part C - Site preparation and resistance to moisture Part D - Toxic substances Part E - Resistance to the passage of sound Part F - Ventilation Part G - Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency Part H - Drainage and waste disposal Part I - Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems Part J - Protection from falling, collision and impact Part K - Conservation of fuel and power Part L - Access to and use of buildings Part M - Glazing - safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning Part N - Electrical safety

6. Do I need to get planning permission for my project?
If you live in a house you have lawful development rights, if you live in a flat you do not have lawful development rights. Having lawful development rights means that there are certain developments that you can carry out without getting planning permission, such as loft coversions of a recommended size, ground floor extensions of a recommended depth and height etc please check with your planning departments for more information.

7. Can you guarantee that I will get planning permission?
There is no guarantee that you will get planning permission, to be honest it defeats the need for planning process in the first place. The experienced have a very good idea of what will be approved. Last year we had a 95% planning success rate on our home owner planning applications. We are very confident in our abilities that we offer you a free re-submission guaranteee if you are not successful.

8. I used another designer for my planning permission can you do my building control?
I find that proper practices can do the building control drawings for projects that they have gotten planning permission. If they can't or won't, then they are either not being paid enough for the work required. I can help you get building control if the planning permission has been done by others, but the work has to be of a substantial size and with interesting design input otherwise its not worth doing.

9. Can you recommend a structural engineer?
I certainly can. With structural engineers I recommend that you go for one that is creative and economical in design rather than cheap. From my experience cheaper structural engineers could cost you more money during the building stage.

10. Can I get planning permission even if I don't have the money to build?
Yes. Getting planning permission increases the value of your property. One of my most successful planning applications allowed my client to make a substantial profit without doing the building work. My client bought a 4 storey single residential house with a corner plot, I was sucessful in designing and getting him planning permission for a 4 storey side extension and conversion into 4 flats. He went on to sell the property for a 200k profit.
Planning permission is valid for 3 years and can be renewed if you are not ready to build. It allows you to plan financially and to beat any changes to the planning laws.

11. Can you recommend reliable builders?
Yes I can but I only recommend my builders to clients that have used my services and that I can guarantee are responsible and will treat the builders properly.

12. Roughly how much will it cost to build?
Without working drawings and building control drawings it is difficult to tell. You can get estimates from planning drawings but it will most definitely increase when the working drawings showing the details of the building are done.

13. Can I get real quotes with planning drawings?
A lot of people do but I don't recommend it because planning drawings do not have the details which are mandatory for the work to pass building control and to meet your specific needs. It is better to get quotes after the building control drawings and working drawings have been done.

14. Can you guarantee that your fees will not go up?
I usually fix my fees for a specific list of work which is stated in my letter of appointment.  My fees will not change if my work schedule stated in my letter of appointment does not change.


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