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A Feasibility Consultation Will Give You Realistic Information About Your Project.

Siproj aims to save you money by maintaining low overheads while providing you with a professional service. Working prudently and economically is key, as a result we charge a small fee of £200 for our feasibility consultation. The fee is fully refundable if you decide to go ahead with us. 


At the feasibility consultation we will 

  1. discuss your requirements in detail 
  2. Survey/measure up the house or area in question
  3. look at similar projects 
  4. give you an idea of what design will best meet your needs and 
  5. tell you the obstacles if any to achieving your goal 
  6. also discuss your proposal with the duty planning officer informally if there are any issues that are complicated

Money back guarantee.

If you get the information which we provide you in our feasibility consultation for free we will give you your money back. There are only 2 simple conditions required for the money back guarantee.

  1. A feasibility report from the free consultation is required.
  2. The consultant must be licensed of similar working experience post initial registration. (details can be checked out with the registration board)



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