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We Bring The Excitement of Must-Have Design, Professionalism & Experience To Your Project.

Siproj is a small but feisty, and busy design practice in South-West London. Established in March 2000 we have spent over a decade working and specialising on different elements of residential designs with a strong emphasis on space planning, aesthetics, comfort, efficiency, financial value and more importantly your dreams and expectations.

We are currently working on a 6-bed new build house, 3 cottages in the Carribean, children's therapy rooms, lots of extensions and conversions.


Igho Tabor


With over 15 years experience, Igho Tabor, has worked with practices such as Mittelman Associates & Pike Practice. Igho has worked on a number of small and large scale residential projects around the UK.  She has a refined sense for exciting and cost-effective design to suite the purpose, budget and site. Igho is currently working on large scale projects in London, Africa and the Caribbean.



Embark on a journey to discover the design potential of your property, as we work together to create spaces that you will truly love on a budget that you can afford.

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